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Ear Knot Acres is a small hobby farm in central Ohio, I am Colleen and I look after the herd.  I have been raising Mini-Manchas since 2006. In 2008 I decided to add Mini-Nubians to the herd and just this year started a small herd of Mini-Oberhaslis.

The miniís are the product of a cross between the full size Lamancha, Nubian or Oberhasli and a Nigerian Dwarf goat.  You can have the best of both world with the minis, the wonderful dairy goat with a smaller size, just slightly larger than the foundation Nigerian Dwarf.  These sweethearts require less space, less food and in some cases match the milk production of their full sized ancestors. 

The Minis are considered an experimental breed for the first 2 generations. By the time you produce a 3 generation kid, and if it matches the breed standards, you will have an American registered Mini.   American registry carries through to the 6th generation where again, if your goat conforms to all breed standards set for a Mini breed you can register it as a Purebred Mini. 

At Ear Knot Acres we have 1st through 5th generation (American) registered Mini-Manchas. We also have blue eyed and polled goats in both the Mini-Nubian and Mini-Mancha herd.  The Mini-Oberhasli are all 1st generation and come from some incredible bloodlines so I am excited to start breeding for Mini-Oberhasli in the spring.

Please enjoy browsing my website, I love to show off my goaties!

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